Saturday, October 9, 2010

Back in Yanbu


We're back to Saudi, Allhumdulillah. We've been here for almost three weeks now. I've just been spending my time getting things organized. SubhanAllah! The thick layer of dust that greeted us when we walked in the house. Wow! And the jet lag...getting in to routine seemed to take forever. It's amazing, when I went back home, there was no jet lag for me. I was just so super excited and happy to be with family again. I did not want to waste that time sleeping. But,'s a different story altogether. Even Heemu's sleep was so messed up. Allhumdulillah, we're back to some sort of a routine.

It's happy hour for me. For once, in over three weeks, I have some 'me' time. Heemu is asleep and so is S. Tiring day for him today. But that means I have the computer all to sharing. ( Yes, yes, his work is more important than my blogging *rolls eyes*). And of course, Heemu wants to be a part of everything you are doing. Every time I sit at the computer, he's right there with me, wanting to climb on to my lap and type away. This generation I tell ya! I didn't even know what a computer was until I was a teen. And here, quoting my mother in law, "he's born on the laptop"!

The vacation went by so quickly. And with Ramadan, Allhumdulillah, the last month went by even faster. We all thought that the days are going to be long and tiresome. But with Allah's blessing, there was so much barakah in the days. Even the hot days went by so easily, Allhumdulillah. However, once the month ended, I was extremely saddened. I realized that these wonderful days, where the most of the community made the effort to come for prayers at the mosque, would be no more. The droves of people that showed up for taraweeh prayers and especially within the last 10 days, would not be seen till next year. In Ramadan you really feel a sense of community and belonging. Unfortunately, it doesn't last the whole year for some only to Fridays. Allhumdulillah for the 30 days of bliss. May Allah (swt) strengthen the iman of our ummah and make us righteous and pious Muslims for the whole year... for a whole lifetime, Ameen.

May Allah (swt) put barakah in all that you do for His sake.

Umm Heemu