Sunday, March 28, 2010

How time flies..

SubhanAllah! Heemu is now 7 months old Masha'Allah. It seems like yesterday that he was born. I miss the days of being able to cuddle with him and snuggle him hours on end. Now, he just struggles too much. He's getting  all 'independent'. He wants to be on the floor, rolling and slithering all over the place. He likes to get under things; under his rocking chair, under the office chair, under the centre table, under anything he can fit under. He took one of his toy rings and managed to slide under his chair and was hammering away at it. I looked at him and a picture of a mechanic at work came to mind.

We've been here in Yanbu for about three months now. Time has flown by very quickly, Allhumdulillah. Many ask what it is that I enjoy most about being here. Hands down, it's having the ability to be able to go to Mecca or Medina whenever we get the time. However, added responsibilities at work for S. don't allow the Mecca trip to happen too often. But Allhumdulillah, I'm happy with whatever I can get. I am no better then most who long to make this journey. May Allah accept their prayers and call them to His sacred place, Ameen.

The weather has been quite hot lately. We had two glorious days of cloud followed by one rainy day, Allhumdulillah for that. Oh how the city felt alive! It was as if the rain had washed away the sand from the streets and quenched the soils thirst. The air had a different scent, a lighter feel. The whole city's grime was washed away and everything shone anew. The people were happier, the kids laughter, more jolly and merrier. It was as if the people were waiting for this rain to refreshen them and quench their sun-dried days (and moods). Rain puddles could be seen all over the city. In our neighbourhood, the kids were 'sliding' through the water; a new pastime, a relief from the normal sunny day activities. What a change came about, SubhanAllah. Never before have I been more grateful for the rain. Allhumdulillah.

We discovered a new park this past weekend. It's still in the works. An artificial lake, with water fountains, some grass and palm trees has been structured in the middle of a very dry and sandy area of the town. It's very nicely built; a walking tracking borders the vicinity and a  carpeted gazebo for Salaah.(What more can you ask for?) We spent a nice evening there, it was quite windy, but very enjoyable. A lot of families were out with their kids. People like to bring their carpets and cushions as well as their thermos of 'shai' and some munchies. The parents sit and chit-chat while the kids run around having a blast. It was a nice outing for Heemu, he just wanted to roll around in the grass. Now if could just get those grass stains out of his clothes.

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