Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Daze

Allhumdulillah, just a little over a month before we go back home, Insha'Allah. We're missing the family. And as the weather gets from warm to boiling...the memories of mellow Canadian summers beckons us. How beautiful the days must be! It's funny, I talk to the family  and they say, 'It's so hot!" Oh? "Yeah, it's like 27C today!". Yeah and we only managed to reach a high of 44C in the afternoon.

After almost four months here, I finally discovered that you can actually borrow books from the little library at the gym that I go to. Allhumdulillah for that. And so I've spent my fasting days leisurely reading. The fasts are not so bad, Allhumdulillah. The days go by really quickly. I try to get the cooking done in the morning and whatever cleaning is needed is done after Isha. 

Heemu is more mobile now. He's doing this dragging, slithering, crawl-type forward movement. It's given him the ability to get to places where he shouldn't be, like near the wires. Rolling is still a favourite past time... he managed to roll off the bed the other day. Talk about a wake up call! His upper two teeth are pushing out. I am looking forward to a toothy smile, Insha'Allah.

I've finished my shopping and almost finished my packing for the return trip. Can you tell I'm excited? I don't like leaving things for the last minute. I think I'll wait till it's exactly a month left to start the countdown Insha'Allah! 

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