Friday, May 21, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness and Love

We went to Medina this weekend. Allhumdulillah, it was a really good trip. Usually we just take a day trip, this time we decided to spend the night. I love going to Medina, it's always nice to see Muslims from all over the world in the Prophet's (pbuh) city. The different attires reflect the diversity of our Ummah. It's always a pleasure to see our fellow brothers and sisters from all over the world.

Walking around with a baby, you're exposed to a different treatment from others. Some one will help you up or down the stairs. Others will give your baby a little pat on the head or a brush on the cheek. And some even give kisses. And others offer candy (he's too young to enjoy it so I happily indulge!). These beautiful interactions show the kindheartedness of our ummah. Of course, Ibraheem, being a very friendly baby, loves to socialize and soaks in all the attention he's getting.

 I guess mostly when they see him, people are just thinking about their own families, kids and grandkids back home. But it's really nice of them to encourage his inquisitive stares, random smiles and ooohs and aaaahs. It's times like these that you feel a sense of belonging and pride for the ummah. The united front of a global family, where the children are treated like your own. No one is afraid to reprimand a child hanging a little too close to the railing and to smile and nod at another who's curiously observing (and touching) his surroundings.

 A friend said that she finds the people of Medina to be very gentle and kind. Why wouldn't they be? They're living in and visiting the home of the very man who was the epitome of kindness. Just the humility of being in the same place where the Prophet (pbuh) once lived, is enough to humble any heart.

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