Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crazy Urges

I have a new crazy urge, I wanna learn how to sew. My mom is an excellent seamstress (in my humble opinion) she's been making all sorts of dresses since I was a baby. Even now, she's sending me some summer suits, JazakAllahu Khairun Mamma. When living at home, I never bothered to learn this important skill from her. She would sew, I would take care of the housework and study. Enjoying a brand new suit (much to my dad's chagrin  and later, my hubby-ji's : "you already have so many, why are you wasting?" they say-true... but they clearly don't understand the female mind (luv you Pa-Jaani..please continue reading my blog in spite of this new post...please!) in exchange for washing some dishes and brooming...not a bad trade off!

Now, I have this urge to sew. I wanna make these really nice designer, modest outfits and present them to the world. My new attempt at expressing my creativity (or lack there of). This comes after my urge to crochet (I've sort of mastered the chain thanks Umm Humza!), knit (still trying to figure out how to hold the needles ) and bake designer cakes (don't even bother to ask how I mutilated the brownies today!). But, Insha'Allah, over the summer, I'm going to make a special effort to learn something from Mama. Even if it's how to put a thread in a needle...

P.S. I over exaggerate, I can do that  the thread into a needle thing...err..most of the time


muslimkidsbooks said...

Assalamu 'alaykum

I just came across your blog sometime recently (when I was visiting "The Muslim Homeschooler" blog). Like you I moved from Canada to KSA. I live in Makkah at present.

I pray that your child is better now (I recall how you wrote about the illness in a previous post, and it reminded me of the of my child as well).

This post (about sewing) brings back memories of my Grandma(may Allah have mercy on her) who was
a brilliant seamstress, she even sewed wedding dresses!

I blog about a little about living in Saudi and some other stuff at . I also blog about books (including reviews) and the importance of reading for muslim children and families at Hope you can visit and that you find something useful or inspirational.

Have lots of fun sewing.I am not much good at it (I just do some hemming and straight stitching on my sewing machine, now and then).


Umm Ibraheem said...


So you're the third person from Saudi :D! Welcome! I'm so happy you commented. Jazak Allahu Khairun.

I've been checking out and enjoying your 'traveler' blog, Masha'Allah great work there. Still have to check out the other one though.

Where abouts in Canada were you? Are you going back in the summer? Can you tell I'm excited :D?

We can continue through e-mail (

Umm Ibraheem

muslimkidsbooks said...


I'll email you inshaAllah.

Take care.