Saturday, April 17, 2010

Have I got food on my niqab!!!

It was a lovely day today. Partly cloudy with a nice cool breeze. After spending an hour doing some intense work out, we decided to give little Ibraheem an outing. We took him to the beach, it was such a beautiful day...the perfect day to enjoy an ice cream cone ( I saw a kid walking around with one and my worked out body craved for one too; so much for the work out). So being the 'your wish is my command' type of a hubby that S. can be sometimes, he kindly walked to the little hut and bought two strawberry-vanilla cones. Oh, how yummy they looked.

 As S. passed the cone to me, I started to panic. How am I supposed to eat this cone in public while wearing a niqab? Did I mention it was a beautiful warm day? The cone started melting and trailed slowly down my fingers. I had to eat it fast. I lifted my niqab and slipped the cone underneath, generously smearing the fabric of my niqab with the delicious cream. A couple of licks, and I realized there was no way I could do this with dignity. I took a seat at the bench, and tried to quickly work my way through the cone, which was now dripping pink and white on to my all-black abayah (oh so visible!) My hubby, seeing the condition I was in, quitely commented "for once, you're more of a klutz then I am" (oh? was it that obivious?). I quickly finished my cone, most of which was shared with the fabric of my niqab and some with my abaya (how generous I am, I share with my clothing!), and rushed as fast as I could to the nearest bathroom. I washed my niqab and wringed  it as best as I could. Allhumdulillah, it was a lovely, warm day and the niqab dried pretty quickly.

Later that night, S. got a call from one of his colleagues.
"Saw you at the beach today!"
S.: "Oh, yeah we were there for a bit"
"Yeah we were going to come meet up with you, but you were heading the other way."

They must have seen my mad dash to the bathroom...ooooh..niqab and ice cream cone not a very good combination indeed!Never, ever again  will I indulge in public! Next time when I have a craving, I'll make sure to take my niqab in to consideration!


Suhaila said...

Hahahaha! I thought that in Saudi women didn't have this problem, but I guess I was wrong! Yeah I often get various types of cheese stuck to my niqab. Cheddar cheese, cream cheese, even cheesecake lol. Now I have a shorter "eating" niqab. :P

I am working on a new sewing creation: a two layer niqab, both layers with eye slits, but the top layer is longer than the bottom layer, so that whenever you need to eat, you just flip up the top layer! In my mind, it works really well, but not so sure about reality haha.

Umm Ibraheem said...

You're right, Saudi women don't have this's only newbie niqabie's like moi who do these sort of things. I can't picture your niqab working...unless you have a hole for the mouth at the bottom layer and the material has plastic at the back (like Ibraheem's bibs) protection from spillage..

Suhaila said...

Hmm I think I have to draw it in order to show you. But basically I find that shorter niqabs make eating exponentially easier (since there's less fabric to duck the food under), but the problem is that the wind blows them away if I don't hold it down all the time. So my idea was to have a longer flap on top of the short niqab that would make it *look* like a long niqab, but then you could pull the flap over your head and have the short niqab which is easier for eating. Does that make any sense? lol. Plastic at the back might help too for spills but I think it would get too bulky/hot, and usually the stains aren't so bad that a little water won't clean it off even on regular fabric.