Monday, April 12, 2010

My Cup of Tea

Recently (like in the past two days), my love for tea has renewed. I used to be a big tea person before marriage. Thanks to Mama, I would drink at least three, steaming mugs a day. However, after the wedding, the addiction just sort of faded away. S. isn't big on tea, he's more the cappuccino type. A Medium french vanilla from Timmies.

The other day, I had some friends over for a potluck and decided to make some tea. Right after having asked everyone if they would like some, I realized I didn't have any milk (real smart, huh?). I did what any good hostess would do, I improvised. I had some evaporated milk on hand so I decided to use that instead. And boy, did that tea taste good. The next day, I found myself making a cup of tea in the middle of the afternoon, rationalizing that I had to use up the left over milk. But when I added "evaporated milk" to the grocery list, I knew I was hooked.

So here I am, my third cup of tea for the day in hand and am thoroughly enjoying it. It's just not the drinking, I enjoy making the tea as well. Heating up the water to a light boil, adding a cracked cardamom, then the tea bag. As the bag releases it's colour and the water comes to full boil the smell of the tea is so tantalizing. And then you add the milk to get that beautiful creamy colour, and let the mixture come to a slow simmer. It's such a soothing task. But as I take that first sip, I'm reminded of those moments of sharing a cup of tea with Mama and Aunty (after the wedding). It would be just our time, to sit and chit-chat. The last 8 months or so, I spent with my husbands parents, Aunty and I would have our cup of tea in the late afternoon. It was downtime after the morning chores and before the dinner rush. We would enjoy some chocolate chip cookies or whatever sweet snack was at hand with the tea.

Reflecting on it, I don't think that it's the actual tea (although the caffeine kick does help the grogginess), so much as the memories it brings back. The wonderful times spent with the two most important women in my life. A remembrance of all the conversations and discussions we would have. And a deep longing to return and make some more memories with them while indulging in a cup of tea. (Insha'Allah)


Suhaila said...

I totally agree. Tea is about the company and the memories. It's so sad how Tim Horton's and the "grab-and-go" trend (at least in the West) have turned tea into just another drink that you take with you on your morning commute. Tea is supposed to be drank with good friends and family without the distractions of our usually hectic lives. :)

P.S. I miss your tea. After you moved, I started making spiced tea on the stove, instead of the regular western way of boiling water and then pouring it over a teabag in a cup. It doesn't taste the same though, and I think it's because I'm usually drinking it alone instead of with you and Amina :)

Umm Ibraheem said...

Aww, those were good times. Allhumdulillah I had a great group of friends to share them with. I am so blessed! S. and I were talking about whether something like Timmies would fly here. They do have coffee shops here, but the culture is more sit and chat for hours on end over cups of tea and coffee. So the whole, grab n' go won't work here.

Insha'Allah when I come back, we shall meet over a cup of tea...and lunch/dinner, Insha'Allah. I miss you!