Monday, January 31, 2011

Rain, rain..

A couple of weeks ago we had some rain here in Yanbu. Allhumdulillah! It was such a beautiful experience. There was a certain calm in the air, as if everything was just anticipating that first drop of rain to fall and quench an eternal thirst. We went for a drive after the rain, the neighbourhood was glistening and smelled so nice. The sun was peeking through the passing clouds and the vegetation was blooming anew. It was beautiful!

However, it is also a cause of concern when it rains. Because rains are so rare (1-3 times a year), the city is lacking in a proper drainage. You'll find huge puddles on the road and in the neighbourhoods. A bigger worry is the possibility of your roof caving in. My neighbour's roof caved in last year, this year it was leaking again. The drain pipes were blocked by leaves. So as I enjoyed this bounty from Allah, I also kept an ear and eye on any unusually dripping in the house. Allhumdulillah, there was none. Needless to say, I got my roof cleaned  ASAP!

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