Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yay for wireless!

Allhumdulillah we found this really good wireless provider, Zain. I can't believe we didn't know about it before. They should really have a welcome package for the new comers here and have all this information in there. (Hmm...that's a eureka moment..) So we had this extremely slow cable net connection which took forever to download. We also have VOIP so it was always conflicting with the sound on the phone. Unfortunately this new wireless doesn't have a connection for the VOIP. I think we might just downgrade the cablenet and keep it just for the phone. But yay for wireless! I feel so mobile and liberated. And we don't have to worry about the half a dozen wires protruding for underneath the desk which Heemu loves to pull! Allhumdulillah!

I think this place is finally starting to feel like home. It only took like about a year! I guess because I know that we're not going to live here permanently, that thought made the transition much more delayed. Last year, I was anxiously waiting for the summer so I could go back home. This year, not so much, because I feel like I'm home already. Allhumdulillah, I have a really good neighbour right next door. We're always making random visits and sharing food. Plus I'm keeping busy with some other friends during the week as well (shopping trips, playdates, cooking dates, initiating a book club of sorts as well). I'm going to the gym and hope to Insha'Allah join a tajweed class too. My mind is too occupied with things to do to remember that I have to go back in the summer.

Plus I have started making some pleasure buys to make the place more homely. Well at least the kitchen. That's the one place that Heemu can't tear apart. Once Ibraheem gets a little older, I'll dress up the family room as well. Right now it's very bare but very baby friendly. We got the place furnished so not having had the satisfaction of decorating myself may have also added to the 'hotel-like' feeling of the place. But I've started jazzing it up a little, started giving it my own special touch. I've started 'owning' the place. And that has helped to make it feel like a home. But in the long run, when I think of settling down, I don't see myself here. My idea of home will always be Canada. That's where I grew up, that's where I spent a good chunk of my life, made many good friends and captured so many memories. If Allah wills, that's where I would like my children to grow up as well, Insha'Allah. 

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Rabiya said...


its good to know you are finally getting to enjoy your time in KSA :) It took me 2 years to get settled in mississauga. I guess I understand what you went through. :) may Allah put barakah in ur home and keep you and your family happy in this life and next Ameen.