Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nothing left behind and nothing to look forward to.

The dynamics in the Middle East are changing ever so quickly. Tunisia has kicked off a revolution of sorts. I am glad we were able to visit Jordan, Syria and Yemen and see first hand the state of these countries under the current leaders. The tourist venues and places of interest were very well maintained and clean. But driving around the countries, there were many areas that were badly in need of repair.  It was quite clear that the wealth is not distributed evenly through out the two countries. There was hardly any middle ground between the posh and impoverished. It makes you wonder how these people are able to live in such deteriorating conditions for so long. No wonder they've pounced on this opportunity to bring about change. And now, when pro-Mubarak protesters are ruining the peaceful protests, the army is encouraging the people to go home. Go home to what? A dark home and no food on the table? To a life that will be no different then the one they just left behind? To days of boredom with no job or goals? These people had nothing to occupy themselves and they came out to protest for lack of something better to do. Social bums created by  the 'leaders for life', finally standing up and demanding their rights.

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