Thursday, February 3, 2011

What have I done?

What a long way we've come, from those days of carefree fun.
The days when there was no worry, no rush, no panic, no hurry.
When we lived in the moment, no fear of what is to come.
The days of youth, how solemn they've become.
We've realized our mistakes, and tried to make amends.
Realized that every stick will break, if, too far it's bent.
We've shunned old habits and idle talk.
We've finally learned to walk the Prophet's walk.
We've stepped into our Mother's shoes and understood her worries and woes.
We've accepted that we're humans, created to do sin.
Striving to suppress the shaitan within.
We've acknowledged that with open arms Allah awaits,
For His true believer to make haste.
Before the time comes when time will be no more.
When the hearts of whom we leave behind, will be sore.
When two sheets of white will replace our glamour and galore.
When for the questions we're asked, we'll have an answer, none.
Then we'll ask "What have I done?"

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